Organic Growers School

Organic Growers School is the premiere provider of practical and affordable organic education in the Southern Appalachians, building a vibrant food & farming community by boosting the success of organic home growers and farmers in our region. Our hands-on training, workshops, conferences and partnerships inspire, educate, and support people to farm, garden, and live organically.


Organic Growers School inspires, educates, and supports people to farm, garden, and live organically.


We are building a mutually supportive network of prosperous farmers, productive gardeners and informed consumers engaged in creating healthy communities.


We value

  • Organic growing and believe that it benefits the grower, the community, the consumer, and the earth.
  • Ensuring quality, integrity, and equity in our organization and programming.
  • Providing accessible, affordable, practical, and regionally appropriate education on regenerative and organic farming, gardening, eating, and living.
  • Building community and strengthening connections among people, healthy food, and land.

Our History & Work:

Organic Growers School is a 501c3 non-profit organization that grew out of the volunteer efforts of a group of farmers and extension specialists who, in 1993, gathered to discuss the need for nuts and bolts, region-specific crop growing information applicable for farmers in Western North Carolina. From this meeting, OGS was born, along with a mission to deliver practical information about organic agriculture at a reasonable price.

The first Organic Growers School Spring Conference was held in 1993, with just over 100 participants. Since then, the event has grown exponentially. In 2016, more than 2,000 farmers, gardeners, educators, students, consumers, and chefs gathered from over 18 states and Canada, making the OGS Spring Conference the largest event of it’s type in the Southeast.

Organic Growers School provides year-round opportunities for farmers and home-growers of all levels.  Whether your interest is in farming, gardening, homesteading, healthy food, or organic community, our classes, workshops, and services will inspire you, build your confidence, and support you in creating your sustainable life.