Something Good in the World

The mission of Something Good in the World is to provide a safe and enhancing environment wherein children may be promoted to achieve their highest potential in learning and development, and to prepare the toward becoming responsible human beings ready to take on the challenges of life.

Something Good in the World, Inc. provides services to the public in the form of educational programs for children of all ages and backgrounds. These programs include a wide variety of extracurricular, alternative, and curriculum-based programs, in schools and outdoors, in private and public spaces that extend to homeschooled children, children with learning differences and children in underserved areas.The activities range from academic arts-integrated and outdoor education programs for Pre-K through Grade 12 (Earth School), to creative arts workshops and field trips for teens (The Blue Star Youth Movement), to music and storytelling for families (Sounds Good), to community garden and landscape projects for all ages (The Children’s Peaceful Garden).