sosv_logo_updateWith seed, venture and growth-stage funding, we accelerate our founders’ big ideas for positive change. We pledge more than funds. We partner with startups, mentor them at every stage of their growth, and build communities that provide lasting connections.

Intellectual capital may trump financial capital. We provide both… the seed capital that can get founders moving, and more importantly, we unveil the secrets that take decades of business experience to discover, which are specific to each industry and each technical discipline.

Need to manufacture thousands of some new consumer electronics device? Yes, we will help you optimize your product/market fit, your messaging, and your presentation. But with HAX, SOSV has engineering talent that can guide your design through all the steps to mass manufacturing and beyond. The team will help you to prototype quickly using the local ecosystem as well as point out flaws like battery charging circuits that could have cost a million dollars, and a year of recalls, if it’d gotten into production. And yes, we have on-staff industrial designers, mechanical engineers, mechatronics engineers, electrical engineers and design for manufacturing and assembly engineers as well as supply chain experts, etc. But it doesn’t stop there. Going to market faster means a shortcut to retail, and HAX has built a powerful bridge with the best and brightest. All this in addition to hundreds of mentors. No other accelerator comes close.

Need to create a synthetic biology startup to manufacture proteins? With IndieBio, SOSV has on-staff scientists, and includes co-working wet lab facilities equipped with $1 million+ of the genetics and biology instrumentation that can optimize a startup’s yield, getting the company de-risked, introduced to gatekeepers and marketmakers, and closer to production. No other accelerator comes close.

Likewise for our Food-X, Urban-X, Chinaccelerator and MOX accelerators… we bring the intellectual capital that helps de-risk startups and brings them closer to traction and secondary funding. And, we provide seed capital as well.

SOSV has funded over 500 startups. We currently fund over 150 startups per year through our accelerator programs focused on a few key areas: HAX (hardware and connected devices), IndieBio (synthetic biology), Chinaccelerator (software) and Food-X (food business). Our net IRR over the last 20 years puts us in the top 5% of all venture funds worldwide.

Are you a potential market champion that is pioneering new ground? Join one of our accelerators and let’s shoot for the moon together!

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