Tay Tea

TAY TEA is a New York-based company specializing in exclusive hand-blended artisanal teas. Founder, Nini Ordoubadi’s singular and artistic approach to tea-blending draws direct inspiration from the ancient tea rituals and ceremonies of the Middle East, Central Asia, North and South Africa, India and beyond.

This evocative line of hand-crafted tea blends is founded on the traditions of Persian hospitality into which she was born. The wisdom of three generations of tea blenders came to Nini through her great aunt and personal muse, Nooshafrin Saad.

Beautiful tea tins, distinct and colorful labels, and whimsical names have been carefully curated under the watchful eye of this seasoned interior decorator and stylist to reflect the unique and exquisite character of her teas. All ingredients are 100% natural and wild-crafted. Nini’s signature teas enhance any lifestyle and invite one to embark on the timeless ritual of drinking tea.

Our air-tight 4 oz. designer tea tins guarantee the freshness of the tea blends for up to one year. Each tin has our own exclusive label which provides information about the tea and specific brewing instructions.