In 2013, we were honored to introduce TEDxRVA to Richmond. We built our own stage at the Haxall Point Powerplant, and began with the apropos theme of “create.” In 2014 we were thrilled to bring TEDxRVA back, think about things differently and challenge our preconceptions with the (re)flective theme, “Re.” What better place to re-imagine than the November Theatre in Jackson Ward?!

While it’s becoming clear that Richmond is a lot of things; one thing is certain – it is not your average city. To better embrace the eccentricities of this city, we decided to take a different approach. This approach inspired our 2015 theme of “uncommon.”

On April 10, 2015 we hosted TEDxRVA : UNCOMMON at the historic Carpenter Theatre at CenterStage with greater accessibility and seating from years past, and increased engagement within the greater Richmond community. Andy Stefanovich, a Richmond-based corporate curator, provocateur and author, once again oversaw this year’s event, with an enthusiastic team of local volunteers.

Uncommon disrupts the common. It unravels old conventions, remembers the forgotten, overlooked and excluded. Uncommon allows us to have different conversations about different moments in different ways.

The speakers in 2016 explored the rare, the extraordinary . . . the uncommon.