Alison Cayne

Haven’s Kitchen

Alison Cayne owns Haven’s Kitchen, a recreational cooking school, specialty food shop and event space in Manhattan. Recognizing that improving our food system starts with showing people how to source and utilize sustainable ingredients, Alison conceptualized a school for the home cook that is both educational and comfortable. Alison believes that supporting local growers will ultimately make sustainable food available and accessible to everyone.

Before founding Haven’s Kitchen, Alison began working towards her Masters in NYU’s Food Studies program. This led to a growing passion for creating a more sustainable food system and educating people about the connection between eating and agriculture. Alison worked with GrowNYC, educating school groups and visitors about the importance of regional ingredients and farming practices.

In addition to working at Haven’s Kitchen, and studying at NYU, Alison is on the boards of Just Food and Edible Schoolyard NYC, and a contributing editor at Domino Magazine.

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