Alkemia Earth

DJ, Artist, Educator, Chef

As an artist of life, visionary, raw vegan chef, healer, organic gardener, speaker, yogini, educator, alchemist, plant-based nutritionist, DJ and mother of five, Arasia “Alkemia” Earth has been applying her methods of mind/body wellness for nearly two decades. Questioning ingredients in her food, she began studying chemical additives and preservatives and their side effects on the human body and mind through human, plant, and mineral biology. As a DJ, Alkemia demonstrates her understanding and unique perspective of cymatics, manifesting how frequency and vibration create the structures of matter and life. As a healer, Alkemia facilitates the process of mind/body restoration through her mastery of usui reiki and the domancic method of bioenergy healing, in partnership with raw foods, herbology, and alchemy; she has helped many restore their health and wellness. Currently Alkemia travels nationally to educate, demonstrate, lecture, and perform alongside her husband, international eco hip hop artist/educator DJ Cavem Moetavation. Her recent appearances include TEDx Mile High, Raw Living Expo, International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference, Green Festival L.A., Hollywood Film Festival, and Jubilee Yoga Festival. Many are anticipating her and her husband’s upcoming recipe book, Damn Near Raw, to be released in 2015.