Andrew Ive

Managing Director

Andrew is a Managing Director at SOSV responsible for building, innovating and supporting the emerging Food X ecosystem.

P&G brand management trained, while in his dorm room, Andrew took a new product idea, raised angel funds, established a manufacturing facility in China and a sales force to sell his first solo product line into major US retailers. In his second Silicon Valley based company Open

Shelf, Andrew raised $20M+ from VCs to focus on the data challenge between retailers and their vendors. That company was acquired.

Andrew has focused on innovation, developing high-growth businesses opportunities and as a business advisor in multiple verticals. He served on the Board of the Small Business Council of the Department of Trade and Industry advising the UK Government on entrepreneurialism and high growth companies; the National Science Foundation on startup grant awards, the Investment Task Force and the Centre for Policy Studies, Small Business Council (UK Think Tank).

Andrew is also an author and currently has a bestselling book, ‘Choose Your Startup: Funding Your Company’ in the startups and entrepreneurial categories on He holds a BSc from the University of London and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business. His first product design, the X-IT Ladder, is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


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