Barbara Sarbin

Program Director
Something Good in the World

Barbara Sarbin is the Program Director of Something Good in the World, a charitable, 501c3, children’s educational organization, which focuses on nature, gardens, and farm-based learning integrated with the arts, using the principles of permaculture and sustainability.  She has been a teacher and curriculum developer for the Earth School programs for homeschoolers that take place in the Children’s Peaceful Garden in Westchester County since 1999.  She leads the Earth School-to-Farm programs for refugee children, shelter youth, and K-12 students from charter schools in Harlem and the Bronx at Kitchawan, Glynwood, and Hemlock Hill Farms. Recognized as a visionary in farm-based education, Barbara is a workshop leader for the Farm-Based Education Network, a guest blogger for the Jane Goodall Institute, the Edible Schoolyard Project, and Project Wild Thing.  SGITW’s Children’s Peaceful Garden design was recognized by the United Nations and the Jane Goodall Institute in 2016 as an example of Peace and Sustainability, and Barbara currently serves as a JGI Roots & Shoots “Garden Ambassador.”


  • Change Food Eats – Barbara Sarbin

    Change Food

    Barbara Sarbin is the Program Director of Something Good in the World, a nonprofit focused on nature, gardens, and farm-based learning for children, integrated with the arts. On this episode of Change Food Eats, Diane and Barbara speak about this type of learning with a focus on permaculture and agroforestry.