Britta Riley

All Astronauts!

Britta Riley is a five-time entrepreneur, building businesses at the intersection of food, sustainability, and health. Her most recent company, Windowfarms, was the world’s best known brand in urban agriculture, making a vertical indoor garden for growing food at home. She shuttered the high profile social enterprise last month with many lessons to share after 8 years of epic successes and enlightening failures in the world of social enterprise, venture capital, new products, and crowdfunding. Riley’s consultancy, All Astronauts!, is working with several groundbreaking food and health startups internationally. She teaches graduate courses in technology design, entrepreneurship, and food/ag tech at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Her participatory art work has been featured at the American Museum of Natural History and MoMA as well as in the New York Times, WSJ, and CNN. Her TED talk has inspired over two million city dwellers to consider doing their own R&D-I-Y at home and to bring the ancient art of food growing back into modern life.


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