Bruce Friedrich

Founding Trustee and Executive Director
New Crop Capital and The Good Food Institute

Bruce Friedrich is founding trustee of New Crop Capital (NCC), a $25 million venture capital fund that makes angel, seed, and Series A investments in companies that are producing plant-based and cultured alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs, as well to tech startups that are focused on promoting alternatives to animal agriculture. He is also executive director of The Good Food Institute (GFI), a nonprofit organization that promotes market-based and technological solutions to the problems of animal product consumption.

Bruce’s articles appear regularly in the Huffington Post, and he has penned opinion pieces for USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and many other publications. Bruce is a popular speaker on college campuses and has presented repeatedly at most of the nation’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT. Bruce co-authored one book, contributed chapters to four books, and authored six law review articles.

Bruce graduated manga cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center and Phi Beta Kappa from Grinnell College. He also holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Learn more about Bruce Friedrich in his Q&A on our blog, Guide 2 Good Food.


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