Carol Lee Jackson

Manna Cabanna

Carol Lynn Jackson has always seen food as a natural and easily relatable tool
for producing positive change. Her work in this area began in Washington, DC, where she used her
talents in public relations and marketing to promote chefs and “Best Of” restaurants in exchange
for their work on national hunger relief.

Upon moving to Western North Carolina and starting a family, Carol Lynn became interested in where
our food comes from: food sourcing. As she researched, she began to build relationships between
local farmers and local outlets with the goal of creating and sustaining a local food network throughout
the region.

Today, Carol Lynn is the mother of two college students and the owner of Manna Cabana, an outlet
for locally sourced foods. She also continues to lend her considerable marketing know-how to build
our local food system and make healthy foods accessible to all.  Her TEDxTryon Talk, “Food Unity: The Power of Choosing Local”, shows audiences how locally sourced food on our plates contributes to healthier communities in every way.