Clara Coleman

Divide Creek Farm

Clara Coleman is the daughter of renowned farming pioneer Eliot Coleman. She is a second-generation organic farmer, consultant, writer, and speaker on sustainable four-season farming. In 2008 Clara created Divide Creek Farm, an organic, intensively-managed, two-acre, four-season vegetable farm in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. She produced year-round vegetable crops under harsh winter conditions using unheated and minimally heated moveable high tunnels and greenhouses. Clara is now focused on building the ARC Farming Project, consulting, writing a book on four-season farming for the next generation, family farm grant projects with land trusts, and promoting the work of both Slow Tools and Farm Hack to further the collaboration between farmers, engineers, and makers of innovative tools. She participates in farming workshops and speaking engagements nationwide as a means to inspire and encourage the next generation of farmers. Clara lives in Portland, Maine, with her two sons.