Daniel Blake

Open, Ag, Inc.

Daniel Blake joined the OpenAg, Inc. team because of his passion for fixing our food ecosystem. Our current food system, which feeds 7.3 billion people, is rapidly approaching its natural limit. The backbone of this system is comprised of large, centralized, chemically intensive single-crop farms. As a consequence of natural resource scarcity, flattening yields, loss of biodiversity, changing climates, environmental degradation, and booming urban populations, that system may soon prove inadequate.

At OpenAg we envision an alternative distributed farming system based on new methods of communication, sensing, data collection, and automation that will enable network-effect in the next generation of food production. The Internet was built to compute and share information using interconnected open systems and networks. In the same way, this next system will be based on interconnected open food production platforms (food computers) that increase production by scaling up or scaling out and will form a new kind of network.

Prior to OpenAg, Daniel founded EcoScraps and was CEO until it was acquired by the Hawthorne Gardening Company in 2014 (fully owned subsidiary of Scott’s Miracle-Gro). He has been named one of the top 25 social entrepreneurs in America (Bloomberg BusinessWeek), an All-Star Student Entrepreneur (Forbes), and has been featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine and on the Discovery Channel.


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