Gary Oppenheimer

Founder and Executive Director

Gary Oppenheimer, a CNN Hero, Master Gardener, Rutgers Environmental Steward, Huffington Post “Greatest Person of the Day” and 2011 Game Changer, winner of the 2011 Russ Berrie Award for Making a Difference and founder/executive director of the Campaign. In 1985, MCI asked Gary to help them roll out the then fledging MCI Mail e-mail service, and eventually became their largest global sales agent (including producing what is believe to be the first “ezine” – published from 1985 to 1996). In the early 2000’s, Gary became a Master Gardener and then a Rutgers Environmental Steward. He advocated for region wide watershed preservation laws, became an environmental commissioner as well as the director of a community garden. Frustrated by the wasted food from gardens nationwide, the “no food left behind” Campaign was created to enable America’s 40+ million home gardeners who grow food to easily find a local pantry eager for their excess bounty.