Henry Hargreaves

Photographer, Artist

Henry Hargreaves is a New York City based photographer and artist whose work has regularly been covered by the media and represented at the Venice Biennale and at Art Basel.

Henry was born and raised in New Zealand with a passion both for photography and for good food and wine. As luck would have it his first career was in front of the camera as a model for many of the big fashion houses. He was able to travel the world, discover great cuisines (quality not quantity in that line of business) and work with photography icons such as Stephen Meisel, Mario Testino and Richard Avedon.

Drawn to New York City, its arts and culinary scene he set up his studio and pursued his dream to be a photographer. As they say, “the artist needs to eat” and he became a bartender at the downtown institution Schillers Liquor Bar. While there he became interested in how customers interacted with food and how their choices say a lot about them as people. He decided to fuse these two worlds and represent visually what he was experiencing every day at the restaurant and in my culinary explorations.

In his projects Henry uses photography to move beyond the short shelf life and immediate pleasure of food to explore the broader meaning of how we interact with this fundamental building block of life and culture.

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