Ietef “DJ Cavem Moetavation” Vita

DJ, Educator, Activist

International recording artist and 2014 Music Educator Award Grammy Nominee DJ Cavem Moetavation is an O.G. (organic gardener), emcee, DJ, midwife, vegan chef, educator, founder of Going Green Living Bling, founder of Eco-HipHop and award-winning activist. Recently featured in Oprah Magazine, Stanford Medical, and Yes! Magazine for his award-winning album which is a curriculum entitled, “The Produce Section”, and for his TEDx Talk on Food Justice. “The Produce Section” is used in many schools, as it introduces the topics of Food Justice and Organic Gardening. His new single entitled, “Hybrid Lex”, sparks the subject around air pollution. His next album, entitled “Eco-Twerk”, expected to release spring 2015, is a continuation of the curriculum, and introduces the topics of environmental issues such as mineral extraction, and promotes holistic mind-body entrepreneurialism. Dj Cavem (Ietef Vita) is the original organic gardener for The Growhaus, where his mother Ashara is one of its founders, (who has now founded The Hub in Oakland. His eldest daughter, Hashaqueena “Queenie” Earth, 12, (just featured on Nick News w/ Linda Ellerbee for an episode on animal testing) is a beekeeper. In addition to his partnership with The Growhaus, he is the founder of Going Green Living Bling, who just completed a 4 week, The Produce Section summer camp, educating 200 inner-city children on the topics to include urban/ancient agriculture, farming, fresh food access, organic gardening, hip hop yoga, and plant based eating. In his final project, he produced a music video, Brown Rice and Broccoli, which was a direct response (in the most healthiest ways of course) to the recent mainstream hit, Hot Cheetos and Takis. He is co-author of the upcoming book Damn Near Raw- The Freshest Vegan Cookbook Ever. Upcoming appearances include, Green Festival LA, TEDxManhattan, Raw Living Expo, and the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals).

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