Jeffrey Zurofsky


In 2003, Jeffrey partnered with chefs Tom Colicchio and Sisha Ortúzar to co-found ’wichcraft as a sandwich shop where the ingredients and cooking techniques are rooted in fine dining but served in a casual and welcoming environment. Since then Jeffrey has all aspects of the business ’wichcraft, spearheading its expansion to fifteen stores including locations in San Francisco and Las Vegas and employing over four-hundred team members.

Most recently, Jeffrey can be found writing about his experiences on his blog and as co-host on Bravo’s new restaurant competition show “Best New Restaurant”. Jeffrey was also a key advisor and contributor to Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Chef.

In 2009, the original partnership opened Riverpark, a fine dining restaurant that was recently awarded 2-stars by the New York Times, as well as the innovative Riverpark Farm, New York’s most urban farm, located adjacent to the restaurant..

Prior to the founding of ’wichcraft, Jeffrey worked in some of Manhattan’s most prestigious kitchens including a stage at Lespinasse, Savoy (while enrolled at the French Culinary Institute), Union Square Café, and as opening sous chef at Restaurant AZ. With desire to leave the stove and feed his entrepreneurial passion, Jeffrey took an offer at a tech startup, Bank Pass as Director of Business Development where he developed his interest in business growth. After honing his business acumen, Jeffrey found his way back to his passion at Payard where was Director of Operations and CFO at Francois Payard Patisserie and Bistro.

Jeffrey’s passion as an entrepreneur and love for food started at the age of eight, attempting to replicate in his family’s New Jersey kitchen what he saw master chefs create on classic PBS cooking shows. His mother, a small business owner, encouraged his budding interest in everything culinary and Jeffrey put his self-taught skills to work in professional kitchens while studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He paid his way through school in the area’s best restaurants, and eventually became sous chef at the Mobil 4-star La Residence. Upon graduation, he moved to New York City and where he has been able to feed his desire to develop new and innovative ideas in a fast paced environment.

In addition to Jeffrey’s many job accomplishments, he was recently awarded Outstanding Alumni from The International Culinary Center in 2011. He continues to be committed to numerous civic and philanthropic institutions and has passionately supported entrepreneurial ventures throughout his career.

Jeffrey’s Civic and Philanthropic Engagements include:

  • Board Member, GrowNYC
  • Secretary, Local Development Corporation on the Executive Committee, the Union Square


  • Member, Manhattan Community Board 5
  • Instructor of Culinary Entrepreneurship at the International Culinary Center
  • Food Truck Nation Board Advisor, Expo Milan
  • Entrepreneur Board Member, Venture for America

Jeffrey’s Business Advisory Engagements include:

  • Mahzedahr Bakery
  • Accel Foods
  • West-SF
  • Sfoglini Pasta
  • Exo Protein
  • Kalot Superfoods
  • Bandar Foods
  • Four Sigma Foods
  • PodLife
  • Impossible Foods
  • Sol A Mer Sunhats
  • Discover Pique
  • Change Food
  • TEDxManhattan
  • Newport Academy Center for Addicted Youth

Jeffrey’s Network Memberships include:

  • Summit Series
  • Dot2Dot
  • Legacy Foundation
  • Mastermind
  • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

Jeffrey’s Honors, Awards and Titles:

  • 2010 FCI Outstanding Alumni
  • Municipal Arts Society Livable City Award
  • Yorkville Common Pantry 30 Year Anniversary Honoree
  • GrowNYC 40th Year Anniversary Honoree