Loren Cardeli

Founder and President
A Growing Culture

Loren Cardeli is the Founder and President of A Growing Culture (AGC), an organization that promotes ecological agriculture across the globe.  In creating AGC, Loren has embarked on a journey to shift the public’s perception of agrarians from one of passive beneficiaries to one of active innovators, searching for the techniques that have allowed societies to feed themselves for countless generations. Loren believes the key to fixing our food system lies in giving farmers a prominent seat at the table–a seat that is currently threatened by the industrialization of agriculture. Through his work at AGC, Loren promotes farmer-led research, innovation, and knowledge sharing, helping farmers throughout the world create sustainable, self-driving futures.

Having visited over 2,000 farms in more than 30 countries, Loren has a wide range of experience working with farmers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These experiences have provided him with an opportunity to not only learn innovative and sustainable farming techniques, but also to help  communities tap into their own resources through the process of documenting and disseminating their agricultural practices. Under Loren’s direction, AGC is now working to expand the impact of this process of documentation and information exchange by creating the Library for Food Sovereignty (LFS)–an online platform for agrarian intellectual exchange that seeks to collectivize innovation and democratize farmer-led research.  AGC’s goal is to create a living repository for and by farmers who will use their collective knowledge to reinvent our food systems, facilitating virtual connections to previously unreachable peers across the globe.

In addition to his direct work with farmers, Loren is a seasoned public speaker, presenter, and outreach leader.  Through his experience leading workshops and conducting lectures on a variety of agricultural topics, Loren has learned to conceptualize and address agricultural issues through the lens of economics, political science, and life sciences.  He has also received wide recognition for his contributions to ecological agriculture, earning several prestigious awards including The Culinary Trust’s Future of Food Project Grant and the Fellows of Future Generations award.

Learn more about Loren Cardeli in his Q&A on our blog, Guide 2 Good Food.

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