Peter Hoffman

Chef, Restaurateur
Back Forty & Back Forty West

Peter Hoffman is the chef owner of Back Forty (2007) and Back Forty West (2012), the restaurant he opened on Prince St. after operating Savoy in the same location for over 20 years. Both restaurants work with a simple premise – to create delicious and memorable meals by sourcing the very best seasonal ingredients from local farmers, serving it in a casual intelligent setting. Termed by the New York Times  “A Locavore Before the Word Existed”, Hoffman has a long commitment to seasonal cooking along with an awareness of the environmental impact of his sourcing.

Hoffman served on the board of the Chefs Collaborative, a 1000 member organization of culinary professionals promoting sustainable food choices in the restaurant industry from 1997 until 2010 and acted as its national chair from 2000-2006. He was featured in the summer of ’04 as Chef of the Times in a four part New York Times series and penned two Op Ed pieces for the NY Times as well. National coverage of the restaurant and Hoffman’s cooking has also appeared in Gourmet (top 50 restaurants of 2007) Met Home, The New Yorker, Saveur and the PBS series entitled “Chefs A’Field.”