Suzanne Barish

Director of Communications
Rockland Farm Alliance

Suzanne is the Director of Communications for Rockland Farm Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to preserving suburban farmland. She has a Master’s Degree in English Literature, and she worked as an English professor and writer for a decade until writing ultimately opened up the portal to a career in farming and agriculture. Suzanne has always stayed close enough to the natural world to keep a few layers of soil under her fingernails, but high school science classes thwarted her ambitions to seriously pursue agriculture or animal science as a living. Despite her preference for poetry anthologies over biology textbooks, she found herself moving cyclically right back toward the earth as she moved into her thirties. She created Please Pick Project in 2014 after walking past a peach tree with heavy fruit languishing, unpicked, within reach of hundreds of people who walk past on the sidewalk.