Wen-Jay Ying

Founder and CEO
Local Roots NYC

Wen-Jay Ying is the founder and CEO of Local Roots NYC, which is a minority female-owned small but mighty, mission-driven business that connects New Yorkers with local farmers and sustainable regional growers. Local Roots is a community-oriented business that combines grassroots energy, on-the-ground experience, and an obsession with soil health to build the local food utopia we envision for fellow New Yorkers and family farmers. Local Roots combines a little bit of technology and a ton of creativity to make it easier for city-dwellers to eat farm-fresh, nutrient-dense, delicious food while also supporting local family farmers. Ying combines first generation hustle with female intuition to lead Local Roots and the regenerative agriculture revolution.

Wen-Jay is passionate about sharing her ideas on local communities and honoring different forms of capital which she believes can create deep connections and positive change in the world. She believes that small businesses can change the world by being mindful, community organizers and producing high quality products and services. She is a strong spokeswoman for regenerative agriculture and started Local Roots when she was 26, soon after being awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Mayor Bloomberg for neighborhood development through her work at Local Roots. She is an alumni of The Good Work Institute, speaks at the International Culinary Center Farm to Table Program, and is a contributing editor to Pot Luck Journal.

Wen-Jay has been internationally recognized for her work in the field of sustainability and agriculture, even being invited to attend to attend he 50th year anniversary UN Global Goals Gala as a special guest. Ying has a weekly radio show called Food Stripped Naked where she converses with chefs, farmers, and other involved in the food system.

You can explore more of her entrepreneurial journey on the show Hustle where she’s featured as a leading entrepreneur in NYC, and on various podcasts like Green Dreamer exploring intersectional sustainability.

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