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Plant Eat Share Goals

  • Promote individuals, groups and projects around the world growing and sharing healthy food
  • Motivate communities and individuals around the world to replicate, innovate and grow healthy food in their locale
  • Change public mindset to understand that healthy food is a human right – if you can’t afford to buy it, you should be able to find it
  • Help achieve the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Plant Eat Share is a project of Change Food®.

Learn how Plant Eat Share will help mitigate the effects of COVID-19.


We can mitigate climate change, reduce food insecurity, make inroads to ending our global health crisis, and ease the isolation and rampant loneliness that plagues the planet with one program – Plant Eat Share.  This can be done simply by planting healthy food – fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds – in public and private spaces for anyone to eat and enjoy.  For free.

In addition, as the world grapples with COVID-19 and the aftereffects of the global pandemic, we must look at ways we can support new models that will help mitigate the spread of this or any other virus again.  Those with weaker immune systems were more susceptible to the disease, with lower income, minority communities affected to a much greater degree. 

What better way to build one’s immunity than to eat healthy, whole food?  And for those who can’t afford it, what better way to provide it than to grow food in public spaces for anyone to eat and enjoy?

How PES Helps

Air is a human right; water is a human right. Why not food?

By helping communities grow food for all to enjoy for free, we’ll help (click through for more information):

  • Mitigate or possibly ward off effects of COVID-19 or any coronavirus by helping build a person’s immune system.
  • Mitigate climate change. Today’s food system creates over 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions, a huge contributor to climate change.
  • Reduce food insecurity – according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, over 820 million people do not have enough to eat
  • Increase food sovereigntyBy encouraging local communities to plant food, they will help protect food cultures as well as heirloom varieties of plants and vegetables that are disappearing
  • End our global health crisis – healthy, regenerative food can help minimize or end medical conditions such as diabetes
  • Build community and ease rampant loneliness – which can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, dementia and even suicide
  • Build soil healthPlanting regenerative gardens replenishes soil health, considered by many to be Earth’s most valuable ecosystem. The microbes in soil are as important to our health as those in our bodies. Industrial farming and pesticide application kills these beneficial microbes
  • Strengthen global food security – By growing food in a multitude of places, we lessen the chance of riots, disaster or food interruptions
  • Increase biodiversity – Planting locally can help save heirloom varieties of food
  • Provide job skills and training – Planting and caring for gardens trains individuals for jobs at landscape centers, nurseries and similar businesses. Food grown can inspire entrepreneurs to start new food businesses
  • Improve Quality of Life – A Dutch study reported that subjects who were given a stressful task and then gardened for 30 minutes after had lower cortisol (stress) levels and better moods.  The oldest people alive all have one thing in common – they garden!!
  • Increase demand for healthy, unprocessed food. We believe that Plant Eat Share can help shift the U.S. subsidy system to favor healthy fruits and vegetables – more on that to come! 
  • Increase understanding of the hard work farmers do for all of us
  • Reconnect people to the earth – if you plant it, odds are you will eat it

Types of Food Sharing

There are different types of food sharing programs – the ones we’ve listed below have at least some component that involves giving away or sharing free food.  We’ll add more information about each one shortly.


This is not an effort to put farmers or healthy food companies out of business – it’s quite the opposite!  By offering fresh food to anyone in need – or who wants it – we are helping to change bad food habits and reinforce good ones, which, in turn, will increase the demand for healthy food. 

In 2018, the country of Denmark handed out 15 million pears, bananas and apples to select schools in the country.  A followup study found that this effort was successful in getting children to eat healthier snacks.  This, in turn, will lead to healthier food habits.

Rather than wait for government or policymakers to solve issues with food insecurity, our global health epidemic, increasing issues with isolation and loneliness – and even critical problems such as climate change – we need to come together and solve the problems facing us in our own community.  Rather than one person changing the world, we need millions of people changing one thing in their area.

We need a revolutionary movement of citizens around the world growing healthy food – for free. 


Plant Eat Share is a creative effort to encourage growing and/or providing healthy food for free in communities around the world.

Change Food will aggregate groups and programs already working in some way to provide healthy food for free to communities, as well as host plantings and events in designated areas across the US and world. Plant Eat Share will template and encourage other communities to adapt and replicate these programs, as well as to develop new ways to grow and offer food for free.

Our focus is on regenerative agriculture – growing food with soil health in mind and using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  That is the way to ensure the food being grown is the healthiest, most nutritious possible.

This is being done in an effort to bring together programs currently underway, strengthen this burgeoning effort, and create an unstoppable global movement of individuals and groups growing food in their community for all to eat and enjoy.

We need a revolutionary movement of cities, governments and individuals growing healthy food on their front lawns, on rooftops, in parks, on the edge of trails and roads – anywhere food can grow.

Sustainable Development Goals

To achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture; and Goal 3 – achieve good health – we need radical new thinking and creativity. We need visionaries to propose solutions that are outside bureaucracies and the stronghold of big business.

Plant Eat Share will address 7 of the 17 UN SDGs. We’ll bring together an unstoppable force of world citizenry to plant food wherever there is space – for anyone in the community to enjoy.

Join the Movement

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