Change Food Meets…

Many parts of the food movement work next to each other in the same community, yet many don’t know the other exists.

Rather than only hosting national events, Change Food is organizing local meals and get togethers in towns across the U.S. in order to bring down silos and build stronger community bonds. At each event, a select number of attendees are given a couple minutes to share who they are and what they’re working on. These short talks are filmed, shared with the community and are housed on Change Food’s video channel and shared nationally.

We are looking to host Change Food Meets… every month or every other month in an effort to build connections and collaborations within food and farming, welcome those just getting started in the food space, and to reconnect with friends and colleagues who’ve worked with Change Food over the years. We’re starting in NYC but are looking to expand.

Everyone is invited to join – people working in food nonprofits, food retail, startups – anything related to food.  People simply interested in food also welcome! It will take all of us to create the world we want to live in.

The inaugural Change Food Meets... kicked off in New York City in February 2018.

The second Change Food Meets… happened on April 18th in Brooklyn NY.

Change Food Meets is much more than a meal.  It is a way to:

  • Help level the playing field with large, well-funded organizations who always get media attention and control the conversation around good food
  • Give a stronger, louder voice to local communities and/or groups doing impactful, system-changing work that do not have the means to promote themselves
  • Find new speakers for larger national Change Food Fest events
  • Bring together communities and help them begin to work together more collaboratively
  • Discover new programs and work being done that helps solve critical issues in food
  • Build a video library of key work being undertaken around the U.S.  Properly tagged, groups doing the same work in other parts of the country will be able to find each other and connect

Join the Change Food community!

Interested in supporting a Change Food meets? – check this out for more information.

Interested in hosting Change Food in your town and/or at your venue? – Email Diane at changefood (at) changefood (dot) org

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