Educational Kits

There is a groundswell of energy and support for sustainable food, but many people don’t know what to do with their new-found knowledge and enthusiasm for educating others.  There is also growing interest in teaching about the food system, both in schools and at community-based organizations engaged in food education.  Such efforts are sorely needed if we are to change the way Americans eat.  In the words of Chef Ann Cooper, author, advocate and director of food services at Boulder Valley School District, “It’s not fair to expect children to switch from cookies to kale without telling them why it’s important.”

Change Food is host of the Change Food Video Library – a video resource for anyone anywhere who wants to watch or show educational videos about issues with food and farming.  It is an excellent classroom resource, as well as a resource for anyone who would like to host their own event in their local community – from a lunch time get together to an all day extravaganza.  Additionally, instead of more traditional book clubs, many people today are opting for video clubs.

In addition to the videos, the Library gives step by step instructions on how to host an event and provides resources and information for hosts and attendees.  We’ve listed the Educational Kits below in case you are looking for more education on a particular topic. Each video has various resources such as discussion questions, related publications, similar organizations, and related videos.