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On Saturday, November 12th 2016, the first Change Food Fest “Growing the Good Food Movement” will take place in New York City. Brought to you by nonprofit Change Food, The Change Food Fest will explore both visionary and concrete solutions to problems with our food system. The event will be webcast for free, and we’d love to have you organize a viewing party to join us.

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Viewing parties are being set up all over the United States, with a few abroad. Currently, we have viewing parties signed up from Berlin, Germany, to Oregon, Montana, New Hampshire and many places in between. We will be webcasting this year’s conference live from New York City (approximately 10:30am-6:00pm EST).

The goal is to use the Fest as a way to bring together interested individuals in communities around the country/world and to foster collaboration and networking among local groups. We’ll have time for you to bring in your own local speakers and put on some of your own programming. We will also work to connect viewing parties to both the main event and to each other.

The Change Food Fest will celebrate and showcase the people and work creating real change in the US and around the world. A few of the speakers include:change-food-fest-poster-with-url-and-credit

Tessa Edick, Founder & Executive Director, FarmOn! Foundation
Adam Eskin, Founder & CEO, Dig Inn
Tony Hillery, Founder & Executive Director, Harlem Grown
Justin Johnson, Founder & CEO, Sustainable|Kitchens
Tera Johnson, Director, Food Finance Institute
Cary Junior, Founder & General Manager, Southeast Michigan Producers Association
Eric Kessler, Founder & Senior Managing Director, Arabella Advisors
Sophia Mendelsohn, Head of Sustainability, JetBlue

Check out our speaker page to see who else is speaking.

Visit our website to find out more about putting on a Change Food Fest viewing party. If you are interested in hosting a viewing party, please fill out the registration form so we can get you information, suggestions and all the materials you need to put on your own great event.  We’ll also connect you with others who are hosting parties and working to change the food system!

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Change Food doesn’t just talk about the problems we face but has committed to taking action and working toward solutions that can realistically be implemented. Change Food Founder & Executive Director Diane Hatz organized and hosted 5 very successful TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” events in New York City from 2011-2015. The events were attended or viewed by tens of thousands of people; media impressions were in the hundreds of millions, and video talks from the event are over 7 million views.

Change Food is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and collaborating with those who produce and care about food in order to transform the environment in which our food is grown and help improve the way we eat.

The goals of Change Food are to:

  • Develop and implement creative projects and special events that raise awareness and educate consumers about various aspects of the sustainable food and farming movement, as well as highlight problems with industrial agriculture and promote possible solutions
  • Help lessen consumer confusion around sustainable food and farming
  • Broaden exposure to the work of key experts in the food movement, giving a larger presence to both themselves and the critical issues they focus on
  • Help facilitate collaboration and networking within the food movement
  • Push the boundaries of the food movement and reach beyond the already converted to a broader audience
  • Harness the power and energy of the growing number of individuals who want to get involved with the food movement but are not sure what to do

Change Food takes a “wholistic” approach to the entire ecosystem of food. Bringing together specialists from different disciplines and backgrounds, we provide a platform to raise awareness about both the problems and solutions with food and our food system. We not only look at issues; we look at the space in between the issues.

Change Food creatively packages the information in various forms for leaders in communities around the country, and increasingly world, so that they can educate and facilitate behavior change in their local community.

Change Food creates experiences. Whether it be a salon, festival or dinner series, Change Food develops and implements creative experiences that raise awareness and provide tools that can educate others.

Please visit for more information.

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