RISE Up! Dine with Purpose (And Take Home a Special Gift Bag!)

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“RISE Up! Dine with Purpose” is Change Food’s extraordinary upcoming benefit taking place on July 24th (Limited tickets still available!).This intimate dinner, cosponsored with food innovation startup RISE at Rouge Tomate Chelsea, will be a time to discuss and progress toward a world free from food waste.

We are honored to have the following sponsors donate to the gift bags, further supporting the ideals of a healthier, safer world to live in while in turn promoting an enriched environment for all.

Gotham Greens’s produce is innovative and delicious. They are known for their urban rooftop greenhouses, which are completely pesticide-free. Yielding produce made with 100% clean energy, consumers are able to appreciate the novelty of nutritiously-sound produce. One can find their essential vegetables or herbs atop buildings in NYC and Chicago and in the supermarkets below. As a true local producer, Gotham Greens strives to maintain the best quality for their neighborly customers. They will be donating specialty “Ugly Greens” (whose imperfect appearance might disqualify them from conventional supermarkets, but whose quality remains simply Beautiful) to the gift bag!

One of Gotham Greens’ New York locations.

GIVN Water is an organization that supplies one bottle of water to an individual in need for every consumer-bought drink. They aspire to change the way we look at everyday products, and make our food into a “platform for social change and movement towards responsible consumption.” They are confident that they will make the world a better place, one bottle of water at a time. Their water is naturally alkaline and high in electrolytes, meaning it can keep consumers fully hydrated with an energy kick during intense workouts (or everyday life!). GIVN water will be donating four cases of their energy-boosting water bottles to the gift bag.

Originally a small after-school program located in the Bronx, the Green Bronx Machine is now a full-fledged non-profit organization focusing on the well-being of school children. Through various means of nutritious programming, farming and advocacy for healthy eating, the Green Bronx Machine paves the way toward success. Because unhealthy children do not have the means to flourish in school as compared to healthy children, the Green Bronx Machine strives to educate and empower, growing food in classrooms. Exclusive postcards, featuring Founder Stephen Ritz’s book, “The Power of a Plant” will be included in the gift bags. 

Find Pear Apricot Beet bars in your gift bag!

The Filling Station, located in Chelsea, sells distinct specialty oils, vinegars and rare salts, in addition to craft beer, both locally-made and specially imported. They have an environmentally-sound policy which rewards customers for reusing bottles and jars; if they bring them back cleaned, customers receive a 10% discount on refills! The Filling Station will be donating Robusto black salts to the gift bags.

Whole Foods is a nationwide supermarket chain specializing in natural and organic products and supporting sustainable agriculture. They are committed to stocking shelves free from artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats. Whole Foods Chelsea will donate the actual gift bags! 

To make the world a little kinder, eat a KIND bar everyday. KIND bars include nutritionally-dense ingredients like whole nuts, fruits and whole grains. They produce a variety of bars in many flavors, and an assortment of other healthy snacks. KIND bars are sold across the country at local supermarkets and pharmacies. The gift bags will include Pear Apricot Beet Pressed bars. 

Keep an eye out and you may even find something from Change Food! We hope you’ll RISE Up, Dine with Purpose and join us July 24th.

Sara Scheidlinger is currently completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Queens College. She hopes to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and pursue a career in either nutritional fertility, oncology, nutrigenomics and public health, or combine all four! She hopes to live in a world that allows healthy food to be available for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

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