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  • Join Change Food for the National Day of Service

    Change Food® is honored to have been invited to participate in the National Day of Service for the inauguration of President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris on [...]

  • Plant Eat Share – Everyone Deserves Healthy Food

    Looking for a simple solution to many of today’s problems?  Easy.  Provide communities the tools and resources they need so residents can plant food in public spaces [...]

  • Using Veggies from Your Garden for a Fourth of July Cookout

    4 Ways to Use Veggies from Your Garden for a Fourth of July Cookout Anyone who says you need meat for a delicious barbecue has clearly never tasted some of the flavorful, [...]

  • Trump and a Trillion Trees

    On Tuesday night during the State of the Union address, President Trump declared, “To protect the environment, days ago, I announced the United States will join the One [...]

  • How to Have a More Generative Holiday

    The holiday season is known for its tasty eats — pies, casseroles, cakes and more. Whether you’re hosting friends or eating alone, it’s great to accommodate [...]

  • From Diane’s Desk: Change Food 2019

    Change Food has identified four areas of focus to concentrate on in 2019 and beyond. Regenerative Food and Farming Healthy Food Access Food Waste Health and Wellness Because [...]

  • EAT Lancet

    Yesterday Change Food was present at the United Nations for the EAT-Lancet Commission’s launch of their new report “Food Planet Health: Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food [...]

  • Whole Healthy Group LLC

    2018 saw the launch of Whole Healthy Group LLC, a for profit social impact marketing company founded and headed by Change Food founder Diane Hatz. Whole Healthy Group [...]

  • 5 Things Change Food Stands For – and So Should You!

    Change Food is rebuilding and restructuring as an organization in order to create more effective change. Not everyone will agree – but it’s our stake in the [...]

  • Eating Real with Change Food: Viraj Puri on Food Waste

    Hey everyone! Happy Friday! This week’s video is a talk from Viraj Puri of Gotham Greens, a pioneer in urban agriculture, with urban farms in both New York and Chicago. Here, [...]

  • Change Food Meets 1 – NYC

    Our inaugural Change Food Meets… was held on Monday, February 12th, at Le Botantiste Soho – and what an event it was! (Okay, I organized it, so I’m a little biased.) The [...]

  • Where to Get Your Grub on International Burger Day

    Depending on whom you ask, International Burger Day occurs on either May 28th or August 27th. At Change Food, we’ve decided we’ll go ahead and celebrate both. In [...]