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  • 10 Halloween Candy Alternatives

    Eating a healthy diet is rewarding until the holidays arrive. Halloween is just around the corner and stores are filled to the brim with candy. Most traditional treats [...]

  • How COVID-19 Is Impacting Back-to-School Diets

    It’s no secret that COVID is impacting schools, students and communities in a variety of ways. Every family has different needs, and while some families are functioning [...]

  • Using Veggies from Your Garden for a Fourth of July Cookout

    4 Ways to Use Veggies from Your Garden for a Fourth of July Cookout Anyone who says you need meat for a delicious barbecue has clearly never tasted some of the flavorful, [...]

  • How to Grow Your Own Food Without Pesticides and Herbicides

    Growing your vegetables without pesticides or herbicides is easier than you may think. If you are looking to start a small backyard garden, organic gardening is the best way [...]

  • How to Have a More Generative Holiday

    The holiday season is known for its tasty eats — pies, casseroles, cakes and more. Whether you’re hosting friends or eating alone, it’s great to accommodate [...]

  • Guide to Good Food – Summer Days

    With a long weekend approaching and (hopefully!) better weather around the country, people will be heading to the beach, mountains, and various vacation areas to relax and [...]

  • Know Your Food: Quick Tip

    The entire Guide to Good Food series has been developed to help you get to know your food, but here’s an easy tip to help you when shopping. This will apply mainly to grocery [...]

  • Eat Less Meat – and enjoy it!

    For the past couple of weeks I’ve been encouraging you to eat less meat, preferably by cutting it out one day a week. You can also cut back on the amount you eat each day. Or [...]

  • Eat Less Meat (part 2)

    Last week we discussed how eating less meat can benefit our pocketbook and our health. This week we’ll look at how eating less meat can help curb climate change, save the [...]

  • Eat Less Meat

    Doctors to rock stars to Nobel Peace Prize-winning UN panels and even nonprofit organizations are telling us to eat less meat. But why? To start, if we cut out red meat, fish [...]

  • Asking Questions – Part 2

    Last week we gave you tips for asking questions at farms and farmers’ markets so you can find the best food for you and your family. This week we continue with information you [...]

  • Asking Questions

    Because there are no official standards for sustainable food, you need to ask the right questions to find the information you need to make the best choices for you and your [...]