Tag: seasonal recipes

  • Chef Ann Cooper’s Matzo Cake Recipe

    MATZO CAKE RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 6-7 Eggs Separated 1 Cup Sugar 1 Tspn Vanilla
1 Dash of Salt 1/4 – 1/3 Cup Kosher Concord Grape Wine 1/2 Cup Matzo Meal 1/2 Cup Grated [...]

  • Justin Johnson’s Coffee Roasted Venison Recipe

    Coffee Roasted Venison Tenderloin, Glazed Yellow and Orange Carrots, Caramelized Cauliflower, Sauteed Black Berries, Pickled Swiss Chard Stalks, Young Romaine Lettuce (yield 6 [...]

  • Change Food Fest Speaker Spotlight: Adam Eskin

    We’re excited to introduce you to our speakers for the 2016 Change Food Fest  through a series of personal Q&A’s. Today we are talking with Adam Eskin from Dig Inn. Adam [...]