Upcycled & Upcoming: the RISE Dinner

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Another Change Food benefit dinner is quickly approaching – and this time we have two powerhouses coming together for a remarkable dining experience you simply don’t want to miss. We hope you’ll join RISE and Change Food on July 24th at Rouge Tomate in NYC to celebrate a unique method of sustainability, plus good food and great people!

The sustainable RISE Dinner at Rouge Tomate will benefit Change Food. Tickets here!

RISE is a food tech startup in Brooklyn that upcycles organic products to be used as ingredients. At the dinner we will be celebrating their proprietary technology which repurposes barley, a by-product of beer production, for nutritious and tasty flour. RISE not only promotes zero-waste and high quality ingredients, but also brings breweries and bakers together in order to creatively incorporate unspent flour into sweet and savory treats.

Surprisingly enough, spent grains have a great fiber and protein content, and a unique flavor and aroma from the original brew. Flour from ales tastes nutty and light, while porters create a dark and rich flour that smells like chocolate. RISE’s sustainable flour has more protein than chicken, with none of the associated calories and cholesterol. Also, their technology is accessible, efficient and can adapt to any organic by-product. All in all, RISE envisions their model as the future of food and we wholeheartedly agree.

At Rouge Tomate Chelsea, sustainability is paramount.

The dinner will include various courses crafted by Rouge Tomate’s Executive Chef Andy Bennett, who will incorporate RISE flour and additional upcycled ingredients. Rouge Tomate is an elegant, cozy restaurant in Chelsea that prides itself on an extraordinary dining experience that supports the total well-being of the individual and the environment.

Tickets are $175 and can be purchased on Eventbrite. We hope to see you at our benefit dinner; Thank you for supporting Change Food’s efforts to connect people, companies and organizations within the food movement!

Tickets will increase in price in early July so get your ticket early!

Emma graduated from UNH ’16 with a degree in EcoGastronomy and English. She is passionate about all aspects of sustainable food, and hopes to bring more awareness through her writing. She enjoys yoga, and exploring NYC’s farmers markets in her free time. Contact Emma at emmabrookerayner@gmail.com

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