50 Years of Farming: For Love & Vegetables

Video by
Prince Charitable Trusts

Organic farmers in Tysons Corner, Va. reflect on a half-century of sustainable and community-focused agriculture. Learn about the amazing people behind Potomac Vegetable Farms (PVF) and how they produce and market their locally grown vegetables in the DC/Maryland/Virginia region.

Potomac Vegetable Farms has been growing and selling delicious and nutritious vegetables for over 50 years. We steward our land using organic practices, forgoing certification, and calling ourselves Ecoganic. We make our own rich compost, and apply rock powders, natural minerals and sea products to ensure that our food is nutrient dense. We use winter cover crops and summer green manure crops religiously to keep our soil microbes happy and healthy.

Directed by Aditi Desai. Executive produced by AU’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking and the Prince Charitable Trusts.

Video Length: 10:24

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