How To Think About Food – Annemarie Colbin

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Annemarie Colbin discusses what led her to her basic theory of nutrition—starting with her experience living in Argentina with her family as a child and following a vegetarian diet to exploring a macrobiotic diet as a young adult and eventually to pursuing her PhD. To read more about this speaker, click here

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    Founder and CEO Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts

    Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., is Founder and CEO of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York more.

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Food and Healing, Annemarie Colbin, Ballantine Books, originally published in July 12, 1986

The Whole-Food Guide to Strong Bones: A Holistic Approach , Annemarie Colbin, New Harbinger Publications, February, 2 2009

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The Book of Whole Meals , Annmarie Colbin, Ballantine Books, October 12, 1983


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Discussion Questions

As Annmarie begins her speech, she poses two questions to the audience:

  1. How do you think about food?
  2. How do you know which foods are healthy?

After viewing the TEDtalk, these questions are useful to help the viewer reflect on how she/he makes food decisions

  1. Do you have your own nutritional theory? What is it based on?
  2. How has your experience shaped your view of food and nutrition? How has it evolved?
  3. What role do you feel food plays in your health?

Take Action

    • Try to purchase food in season that has been grown locally (food produced within in 100 miles of purchase)
    • Read NGI’s Ingredient Standards
    • Adhere to NGI’s 7 criteria for food selection. Food should be: whole, fresh & organic, seasonal, local, traditional, balanced and delicious
    • Choose a balanced diet that accounts for your age, physical activity level and health status.
    • Talk to loved ones about your food/nutrition theory.
    • Check out our classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute (