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Diane Hatz asks the TEDxManhattan community to come together to build a statement of principles for the food movement. The only we’re going to change the food system is if we do it together.

Support the Food Movement’s Statement of Principles!

The sustainable food movement is at a crossroads. For decades, organizations and individuals have been working to shift to a more sustainable, equitable food system. For the movement to succeed, there now needs to be more effective ways for the voices changing our food system to be heard, more coordinated effort, and the rising public attention must be translated into more impactful change.

We, the undersigned, come together in a spirit of collaboration and commitment to help build a sustainable, healthy food system that is fair and accessible to all. We believe that focusing on our core strengths, while also finding ways to support and collaborate with each other, will successfully shift our food system to one that is fair, equitable and healthy for all.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Everyone should have access to healthy, fresh, sustainable, affordable food. Everyone. Food is a fundamental human right.
  • To be more effective in our joint vision of a fair, healthy and inclusive food system, we need to work together, supporting each other when we can and looking to the common good of the movement.
  • We agree that we each have core strengths and assets, and we will draw on those strengths to find ways to work together more closely. It is through working together while retaining our core assets that we will succeed.
  • We are committed to building bridges, to working together when possible to propel the movement forward.

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