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Photographer Henry Hargreaves shares with us what end of the world advocates, or doomsday preppers, are doing to preserve and save food for the end of life as we know it.  Through a photo essay in which he recreates meals and food that people around the country are saving, Henry shows us different ways people think about food.

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    Photographer, Artist We Are What We Eat – Henry Hargreaves

    Henry Hargreaves is a New York City based photographer and artist whose work has regularly been covered by the media ...read more.


Discussion Questions

  • What would you have for your last meal?
  • If you were a doomsday prepper, what foods are necessities for you?
  • Are we naive to have faith in the current food distribution system?
  • What does what we eat say about who we are as a person?
  • If you were a musician, what would your rider menu look like before shows?


Additional information


  • The Last Meal Wikipedia page explores the last meal traditions for death row prisoners and documents some interesting examples like Clarence Ray Allen’s sugar-free pecan pie request or Gary Carl Simmons, Jr.’s request for 10 8-oz. packs of ranch dressing.


    • The Smoking Gun’s backstage rider details the strange, delightful, ridiculous and interesting demands musicians require when performing. Ranging from Van Halen’s contractual demand that brown M&M’s be removed from the dressing room candy bowl to Beyonce’s baked chicken (legs, wings and breast only), this log demonstrates the importance of food and drink in a musician’s process.
    • In 2011, Texas prison officials decided to end the last meal practice in which prisoners on death row can choose their final meal, claiming that an inmate should not be given any special treatment.


  • At TEDxManhattan, Henry shared three photo series with the audience.
  • In No Seconds, accompanied by a profile and rap sheet, Henry recreates and photographs the last meal requests of death row patients.
  • In collaboration with artist Caitlin Levin, Band Riders explores how musicians want their pre-show meals catered in the style of Flemish still life paintings. The series features requests from Frank Sinatra, Axel Rose, Britney Spears, Marilyn Manson and the Foo Fighters.


In Ready For Dinner, Henry photographs doomsday preppers’ meals alongside the preppers’ name, location, ingredients and preparation instructions.


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