How Should the Food System Change? – Mitchell Davis

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I think we need to create a new paradigm for what progress looks like – that for centuries, almost, we have looked towards a level of consumption and of lifestyle that have always indicated what it means to have arrived, to have progressed, to have become affluent or to have developed in a larger sense. And what I think is missing actually is the vision of what that looks like for people who are on that path, for cultures and communities who are moving that way. That doesn’t include all the things that we know now to be problematic, whether it’s overconsumption or mass production or the sorts of things that have come to stand for progress. I think we need a new paradigm for what that looks like, it’s something to aspire to.

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    Executive Vice President James Beard Foundation

    Mitchell Davis is a cookbook author, a food journalist, and a scholar with a Ph.D. in Food Studies from NYU’s more.


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