Factory Farms, Antibiotics and Superbugs – Lance Price

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Lance Price uses DNA to track “superbugs,” or bacteria that are resistant to our best antibiotics, that are killing 23,000 Americans every year. On one hand, these bugs are becoming stronger from evolution. On the other hand, the constant presence of antibiotics is accelerating this process. In order to slow down the growth of superbugs, the food system needs to make some big changes.

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  • About Lance Price

    Public Health Researcher and Advocate Factory Farms, Antibiotics and Superbugs – Lance Price

    Lance Price is a public health researcher who works at the interface between science and policy to address the growing ...read more.

Publications & Reports


Reports & Studies

  • Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, CDC, 2013.
    This CDC report presents the burdens and threats that antibiotic-resistant germs pose on human health.
  • Antimicrobial Resistance: global report on surveillance, WHO, 2014.
    Produced in collaboration with Member States, this report discusses how antibiotic resistance is reaching alarming levels.
  • Raising Resistance, The National Resources Defense Council, 2014.
    This NRDC report provides evidence that the overuse of antibiotics in food and animal production is a major source of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  • Testimony of Lance B. Price, Ph.D., Lance Price, 2014.
    The official transcript of Lance Price addressing the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology on the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture.


Discussion Questions

  • Why are antibiotics used in food and animals?
  • How does this impact human health?
  • What can policymakers do to encourage and/or enforce practices that reduce the inappropriate and unnecessary use of antibiotics?
  • What can consumers do to force change and help fight the growing threat of antibiotic resistance?
  • How can we raise awareness and educate those who aren’t aware of antibiotic resistance?

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Take Action

Things You Can Do to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

  • Go to drugsmakebugs.org to sign the most recent petitions and see other ways you can take action.
  • Use regular soap rather than antibacterial soap.
  • Encourage Members of Congress to support legislation aimed at ending antibiotic overuse and misuse in food animal production and to support funding to fight superbugs.
  • Get your city to pass a resolution calling for an end to the misuse of antibiotics on factory farms.
  • If you work in a hospital, develop an antibiotics resolution for your health care facility.
  • Read the Environmental Working Group’s Meat Eaters Guide on what labels you can trust in grocery stores.
  • Eat without antibiotics! When dining out, ask for meat and poultry that was raised without antibiotics.
  • Next time you buy meat or poultry, use the Eat Well Guide to find antibiotic free products. Look for the USDA Organic and and “No Antibiotics Administered” labels.
  • Go to Change Food’s Tumblr site to share and give us feedback on your experiences.