Name one thing you can do for the Food System – Nikiko Masumoto

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My dream to remake the food system really asks each individual to do the most radical thing they can think of – whether it’s changing their individual eating habits, buying habits, cooking habits; whether it’s running for office – foodies, running for Congress – to change our political system. I just think that if everyone did something that scared them, we would have real change.

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    Nikiko Masumoto is a farmer, artist, and creator. Born in the Central Valley of California, Nikiko spent her childhood slurping more.


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    I have been farming for four years, with my dad on our small organic farm in California and I am so blessed to get to interact with eaters. And there’s two stories: My dad was going to bulldoze what is now our oldest variety of peaches because in the 80’s, no one wanted to buy […]