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Saru Jayaraman challenges us to answer the question, “do you eat ethically?” If you choose to go to restaurants that serve organic or fair trade produce, grass-fed meats, and other more sustainable options, you may think your answer is “yes.” But there is another component to eating with a conscience. Consider the people working in your restaurants – the server, the busser, the line cook. In the restaurant industry, workers rights are just as important to the sustainable food movement as the dishes you enjoy while there.

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  • About Saru Jayaraman

    Co-Founder and Co-Director Restaurant Opportunities Center United

    Saru Jayaraman authored Behind the Kitchen Door, a groundbreaking exploration of the political, economic, and moral implications of dining out more.

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Wage Wars – a podcast episode from Eating Matters by Heritage Radio Network
Saru Jayaraman discusses labor practices in the food chain with host Jenna Liut. They delve into the practices that shape the experiences of millions of workers in the restaurant industry, the historical events that resulted in those policies, and what advocates are doing to fight for fair wages across the country.