What are You Doing to Change the Food System? – Lance Price

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So what I do is I work at this interface between research and policy, and really specifically on this issue of antibiotic resistance. So I’ll go from being in the lab using advanced genomic techniques to understand the spread of superbugs to then working with policy makers to help shape evidence based policies that protect people, and not factory farms.

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    Public Health Researcher and Advocate What are You Doing to Change the Food System? – Lance Price

    Lance Price is a public health researcher who works at the interface between science and policy to address the growing ...read more.


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    From my perspective as a microbiologist, as a public health person, one of the main things you can do to change the food system is to quit giving industrial animals antibiotics to make them grow faster, to prevent diseases that are occurring because of the way that we’re raising them. Raise animals in a way […]

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    You know there’s so many reasons to be encouraged by what’s happening in the market place. You know, just the emphasis on local, on sustainable, and then how many times now do you see these labels that say raised without antibiotics, or no antibiotics ever? I mean that, that message is getting out there and […]