What are You Doing to Change the Food System? – Nikiko Masumoto

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I have been farming for four years, with my dad on our small organic farm in California and I am so blessed to get to interact with eaters. And there’s two stories: My dad was going to bulldoze what is now our oldest variety of peaches because in the 80’s, no one wanted to buy these amazing Suncrest peaches. And it was people who wrote him letters saying, “Please, save this peach!” that literally he went out into the fields to stop the bulldozers. So in his life – I wouldn’t be a farmer without those stories – so eaters everywhere, when I talk to eaters, it reinforces why I do what I do because it can get lonely and I can question even the extent to which I’m making an impact in the world. But there is no doubt – I would not be farming if it weren’t for eaters who cared about what we do.

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