Who in the Food Movement inspires you? – Diane Hatz

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I’m most inspired by a group of people – and that’s farmers. Family farmers. Small sustainable family farmers to be exact. I was fortunate enough to go to a dinner in Iowa a couple months ago and there were hundreds of farmers. It was a Diamond Ranch dinner. These farmers I met work so hard and they are part of the land – their work is spiritual to them. And it comes out through the way they walk, the way they talk, they’re humble, and they don’t know how much they are affecting the food system. How much good they are doing for us. And I just hope that one day they get the recognition that they need. I was moved to tears by just the pure reality and the pure, genuine love these farmers have for the land, for the animals, for just – for helping other people. It’s so awe inspiring. I think if anyone wants to change the food system, or is thinking, “why should I change the food system?” – they should go out and meet a farmer, and see what they do and see how hard they work. And they will be, I’m sure, as moved to tears as I was.

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