Who in the Food Movement inspires you? – Matt Weingarten

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I’m going to cheat a little bit here – I’m inspired by chefs. As the Board Chair of Chefs Collaborative and a lifelong chef, I am someone who communicates with the world through my hands, and I think it’s an amazing thing to do every day. Chefs are by nature sort of selfless and generous and always the first to get to the party, to throw the party and usually the last to leave. And so I think that there’s an amazing power with chefs, especially in our current environment – the more chefs are educated, the more chefs are doing the right thing, the more power we have. And that inspires me, because it’s palpable in the air that there’s just a lot of questing for how we do stuff, how we used to do things, why we should do them, where our food comes from, so it’s inspiring.

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