Who in the Food Movement inspires you? – Stefanie Sacks

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I’m really inspired by Andrew Gunther, and what Andrew Gunther is doing with Animal Welfare Approved, and the fight that he’s fighting. And what an uphill battle it is to shift the factory farms in this country. But he keeps at it and I think there is going to be measured success with it.

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    I just wrote the book, “What the Fork are you Eating,” and so hopefully with that book I’m going to have the great opportunity to educate so many people whether they’re nutrition neophytes or nutrition mavens to understand how their choices impact not only their health but also the health of the environment. So really […]

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    Very simply what we can realistically do to change the food system is worry about ourselves and making better choices at home for ourselves and our families. That’s what we can do, and we can talk to our kids about food.

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    What consumers can start to do is actually read ingredient labels to start to understand what’s in their food and start to question how our food is being sourced. We spend far more time investigating what kind of car to buy than we do what kind of food to put in our body. If consumers […]